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Biohazard Cleanup

About Spaulding Decon

"I can highly recommend Spaulding Decon for hazardous cleanup.  These guys are professional, fast, and extremely knowledgeable.  Thank you!" 

- Mike G.


"The team really impressed me. They got in and made the whole situation more comfortable for everyone involved and got the job accomplished in a timely manner. I recommend highly having them come out and take a look at whatever you need done. They are very helpful in a lot of ways." 

- Bailey S. 

Spaulding Decon has been in the industry since 2005. Our forensic cleaners are licensed, certified, and extensively trained. 

Our cleanup services include: 

  • Biohazard
  • Hazmat
  • Crime Scene
  • Coronavirus/COVID
  • Death & Decomposition
  • Blood
  • Drug Lab
  • Strong Odor & Smoke
  • And much more

Many of our services are covered under a homeowner's insurance policy. We can help you with the paperwork.

Andrew Danilack, Owner

Andrew Danilack grew up in NJ where he currently resides to operate a Spaulding Decon business. He is a graduate of Seton Hall University with a B.S. Business Administration – Economics and commissioned as an Army Infantry Officer in 2015. After graduating, Andrew served over four years as an Army Infantry Officer. He has held several leadership positions throughout his career, including leading a twenty-four-person platoon in combat operations and liaising with the joint and multinational headquarters in Afghanistan on behalf of a commander of a 450-person battalion. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys surfing, skiing, hiking, hockey, and reading. Prior to opening Spaulding Decon, Andrew was a senior financial analyst with J&J where he was partnered with and provided financial leadership to the global strategic marketing team. After the military, Andrew was drawn to leading a team, working with a diverse group of clients, and influencing change. “I am most excited to place the needs of clients first while facing the challenges that come with running a business. Like most owners, I have a strong desire for competition, and every new challenge represents an opportunity to compete. Treating every job like it is my last, I thrive on being counted on and exceeding expectations.”

Locally Owned in Montville, NJ

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"This team of great individuals take their jobs very seriously and with great compassion!  The overwhelming task of going through our elderly parents’ home was daunting at best. By hiring this team, they made what seemed an impossible task of sorting through 60 years worth of saved memories into a week. Crazy but they made it happen and they saved the very special things for us to cherish. What an amazing team!!!"

- Mary S.

"Andrew and his crew did an amazing job. He was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. The quote and price were very good.
You can trust the team at Spaulding Decon!"

- Larry B.